My hobby: putting bees in conversations that could have done very well without them.


My hobby: working the vuvuzela into conversations that were perhaps better left vuvuzela-free.

I don't get why it fascinates me so much, but it's this HORN, and it's THERE, and it's LOUD, and I don't know whether this is a two-month obsession or a lifetime fascination brewing.
tiferet: Adrian Pasdar as Jim Profit (Jim Profit: intensity)
[personal profile] tiferet2010-06-01 02:39 pm

Wow, that's definitely going to make me popular...

My hobby: falling in love with fictional characters that even their creators dislike and distrust. Harmless...until I try to join the fandom.

...sometimes I think this bothers the bot.

My hobby: asking non-yes-or-no questions to bitbots or magic 8 balls, then pretending the conversation made sense.

Sometimes it's interesting!

My hobby: Going through [site community profile] dw_suggestions and looking to see who's voted against implementing the most popular suggestions.